balestrini mortiser and tenoner


  Balestrini Slot –Mortiser, Type : Micron Technical details: Hourly out put : 500 / 800 slots Slot width : max  120 mm + thickness Slot thickness :  max 20 mm ( higher with slower spindle rotation) Slots depth: max

spindle diameter

NLX 310

Handweel Handwheel with integrated analogue read out for thicknesser height.       Spindle diameter Standard spindle diameter is 30 mm, the working length is 120 mm, the up-and down stroke is 140 mm.   Spindle 4-speed spindle arbor with speeds

Alu Fence

BM 21

Quick change spindle    Turret with 6 positions Turret with 6 different positions plus device to automatically change the vertical horizontal depth to avoid the chipping of the panel.   Strengthened structure         Alu fence Alu fence with



       Glue pot Glue pot with easy interchangeable system Pre-milling station Pre-miling station: composed out of two motors. Standardly equipped with 2 diamond cutters 30mm height. (on the KM575) Rollers – First roller is driven – Pneumatical cut off